One very important element.

We help our clients keep track of it.

Measuring at the point of emission.

The organizations we partner with run operations in remote areas – and so do we. Blue Marble believes in a data-driven approach when it comes to measuring our partners’ carbon footprint. Showing up ready to measure emissions is never an inconvenience. 

All the right analysis.

Our measurements are integral to setting the right benchmarks. We analyse exhaust gases for all relevant properties, including hydrocarbon and particulate matter content.

The support we provide is adaptable. From the smallest generator set to the biggest truck, we find ways to make emissions tracking possible. Preferring a hands-on approach over using standard conversion methods, we are ready to work with any fleet that runs on fossil fuels.

Emissions measurements on dumper truck, 2021

Understanding the data.

Genset measurements at altitude, 2021

Rolling updates.

You need relevant information to make long-term decisions about ESG strategy. Our clients can access assessments that represent the current state of their emissions and fuel economy.

Meaningful targets.

Everyone needs a goal to work towards. Using our extensive understanding of regulatory mechanisms such as the ETS, we can determine the value of a potential reduction in your carbon footprint.