Optimizing liquid fossil fuels.

A pill made for the environment.

Emission reducer

Reduces carbon oxide, hydrocarbon, and particulate matter emissions by up to 95% throughout the combustion process.

Filter optimizer

Decreases the temperature requirement for diesel particulate filter regeneration, enabling filtration despite variable load.

An additive suited to your needs.

Fuel saver

Increases efficiency during the combustion process, reducing fuel consumption by up to 22%.

System cleanser

Traps residue from engine to exhaust, reducing service costs and extending the lifespan of the entire system.

Patented. Certified. Recommended.

Protected by patents registered internationally.

Certified by SGS as fully compliant with EN 228 (for petrol) and EN 590 (for diesel) requirements.

Recommended by our partners as a way to meet emission targets and reduce fuel consumption.